Chateau de Lacoste

24250 Castelnaud la Chapelle, France

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Located near the rivers Dordogne and Céou, overlooking the valley, a tower had to be at the origin of the building that was later turned into a mansion where  "Bessou" knights and trusted men lords of Castelnaud, took possession of the site. In the 18th century, thanks to the prosperity of this old family, it changes of pace and gradually takes the appearance of the current castle, especially under the influence of Joseph Geoffroy de Bessou who had a pronounced taste for architecture, parks and gardens, while maintaining its regional character.


The "Bessou" emigrants, the castle became a national asset and was bought by Guillaume Sarlat, a local politician. In the 19th century, Mr. Bastard acquires the castle. From a very established in the Southwest family in Toulouse and allied to old families of Périgord as Maleville, it was attracted by the highs and the surrounding valleys. It provides the last modifications building the south wing and family chapel.

Le Château en bref :

- 2 stairs

- 1000m2

- 14 rooms

- 9 bathrooms

- 4 living rooms

- 2 kitchen,  (100m2 & 15m2)

- 3 dinner room

- 1 small appartment

- Swimming pool with its pool house

- 1 chapel

- 1 vegetable garden

- 1 french garden

- 1 park

- 1 car park

We also offer more housing on site in option so around 50 people can sleep. Berel is one house you could rent.